Thursday, March 18, 2010


I thought I would start out my blog with one of the most iconic Mid Century pieces I can think of. Artisan House's Chrome Raindrops sculpture.

These sculptures come in a few sizes. The one I have pictured is 40" x 25", but they can be as large as the impressive 63" x 25" version. They come in chrome as well as brass. The one pictured is a vintage piece, but is not dated. Recently Artisan house has given permissions to Jonathan Adler to recreate these pieces, so there are both vintage and newer versions available. The vintage items tend to command a higher price than the new rereleased versions.

These pieces are actually signed C. Jere, or Curtis Jere. Throughout the years I have come across a few people claiming to be related to C. Jere, or even selling off items of his estate. I'm not sure if these people were being purposely deceitful, or just confused. So, lets clear up the confusion.

Artisan House has been around for a long time, but it was in the 60's that they really started making metal works of art. C. Jere is actually a combination of the names Jerry Fels and Kurt Freiler, and this signature was put on most of their metal art, and still is. This is the signature of a company, used by all of their many metal workers- there is no individual artist "C. Jere".

The artisan house pieces tend to be my favorite, and I have a few different works in collection, so I'll likely have some more of them up in the future.

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